Energy Saving and Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Just like anything else you value, houses need to be maintained with care and repaired whenever problems appear. A well-maintained house will pay you back with reduced energy costs and greater comfort.

Heating Equipment

Have your space-and water-heating equipment serviced annually. If you have a forced-air heating system, clean or replace your furnace filter every month, or as required.

Ventilation Systems

If you have a Heat Recovery Ventilation System, remember to clean the filter, core an grills regularly.  Natural Resources Canada’s  publication entitled Heat Recovery Ventilator  has a chapter on how to maintain it properly. Heres the link to it: just look under “Heating and Cooling”

Water Heating

Lower your water-heater thermostat setting to 55C (130F). It will save you money on your water-heating bill and help your prevent accidental scalding. How many times do you turn on your shower and it’s too hot?

Energy-efficient Lighting

When replacing lights, install energy-efficient lighting. Energy-efficient bulbs, such as ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescents, last longer and reduce electricity consumption

Energy-Efficient Appliances, home electronics and office Equipment

When purchasing appliances, home electronics and office equipment, look for those displaying the ENERGY STAR mark, the international symbol for energy efficiency. An ENERGY STAR labelled computer in “sleep” mode consumes about 80% less electricity than it does in full-power mode. ENERGY STAR labelled home electronics equipment uses less than half as much energy in standby mode (i.e. when turned”off”) – without sacrificing features you want. For more information

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