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Buyers in Whitehorse are looking for a home that is well maintained and that will require a minimum of maintenance on their part. To make a good first impression, you should fix anything that is broken. If there are structural defects, bring someone in to take a look at and have it fixed. There is nothing worse than having a deal fall through because of a failed inspection that reveals a major structural defect. When in doubt, consider having a home inspector do a pre-listing inspection.

If the walls are not in pristine condition or the paint color is unique, paint them a neutral color. A fresh coat of paint will make the place look better and a neutral color will appeal to the most people. Scuff marks can be cleaned with a cleaning product like the  Magic Eraser.

Home buyers will usually make a decision not to purchase a home within the first 30 seconds. If the landscaping and outside appearance of the home is uninviting, they may make that decision without ever leaving their car. Take a critical look at your yard and lawn. Shovel the driveway and entrance way, prune dead branches, pull weeds, and fertilize the grass. Curb appeal is crucial!

Lastly, avoid large remodeling projects, unless advised by your Realtor. Usually your money is better spent elsewhere.

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