Prevent Water Damage – Save Thousands

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What if I told you that there is a home maintenance task that generally costs less than $20 and, if completed at least every five years, can potentially save you thousands in repairs? This may seem too good to be true, but I’ve seen evidence of this frequently in my work as a Real Estate Agent.

It’s as easy as changing your washing machine hoses – As I help people buy and sell properties, one of the most important things to look for when evaluating a home is the presence of water damage. Water damage is much more costly than most people realize. When a washing machine hose bursts, the result is an instant indoor flood. Water can cause damage to the floor, walls, insulation, electrical systems, carpeting, and many other areas in the house. If not properly addressed, the house can develop mold and mildew problems in addition to structural issues.

Washing machine hoses are destined to fail eventually – Washing machine hoses are made from rubber and will not last forever. Over the years, the rubber will eventually dry out and become less flexible and less capable of handling the stress and pressure placed onto it during load after load of laundry. Most experts recommend replacing washing machine hoses every five years to avoid failure. The hoses are inexpensive and easy to replace. The difficult part for most homeowners is remembering to replace the hoses regularly. Many home inspectors suggest that a good strategy is to get in the habit of changing your hoses every leap year. By putting fresh hoses on your machine every four years, you can significantly reduce the risk of a water damage catastrophe.

I hope this tip keeps your home safe and dry.