Why is my home not selling? Kirsten’s Real Estate tips

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You made your decision to sell your home! Congratulations! I trust something new and exciting is ahead of you, no matter the nature of the move. Your listing has been published on MLS and you are eagerly awaiting for those offers to start pouring in. But nothing is happening or the offers you are getting are not satisfying your requirements.

Why is your home not selling?

  1. Esthetic Appeal

    When selling your home, remember that buyers will not be seeing your house through the same set of eyes as you do. Well, yes literally, but also, they have no emotional attachment to your property, so they will be looking through a critical set of eyes. They purposely will be looking into every inch of your house, looking for something bad or negative to highlight. You can’t blame them – if they have a good real estate advisor, she/he will be doing it for them. At the end of the day, they want to make sure they are not buying a pig in the poke. With that, do make sure your house is clean and welcoming. This is exactly what your realtor will be advising you, if you have one. So if your house is not selling, make sure your photos are highlighting the benefits and that there’s no clutter in the house (check if you can still see the corners of your rooms, if not.. It’s time to declutter ;)

  2. Improper Marketing

    There are so many marketing tools available today, so if used properly, you should have no problem finding a buyer on social media, networking events, etc. Ask your realtor (if you are using one) what marketing tools they are using to promote your house. Most realtors rely on MLS to promote their listings, but you want to make sure that your property gets more eyes on it through non-conventional marketing options, helping you to arrange more viewings for your house. You also want to make sure that you are flexible with the viewing hours, and open houses, so more people can come and see your home. Avoid staying in the house during viewings, as this may make buyers feel uncomfortable.

  3. Realistic pricing

    Real estate market is never static. If you are selling your home by yourself, without the help of a professional realtor, you might miss the mark and list your property at the wrong price. You don’t want to under-price, and you don’t want to over-price either. You want to make sure your pricing realistically matches the value of your home versus time it’s been on the market. Read more about the benefits of hiring a professional realtor.

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